Feature: Rush Cycling, 25 years of rush!


At Rush Cycling, brothers Gary and Bruce Goodrich and their client-turned-business-partner Heidi Gillette put a new “spin” on an old gym staple.

For 25 years, Gary Goodrich has been teaching spin classes, mostly in California. When he moved to New Jersey, he and his brother decided to open their first Rush Cycling spin studio in Hoboken using with a secret weapon Gary picked up in the Golden State.

“In California, we used RealRyder bikes, which are the only spin bikes that actually move. They pivot side to side unlike stationary bikes with are, A, boring, B, stationary and C, only works your lower body.

“These give you a full workout because you move the handlebars side to side…you work your core, triceps, legs, your bum–it’s literally a full-body workout! Until you’ve taken a spin class on a RealRyder bike, you haven’t take a spin class.”

As lifelong fitness enthusiasts, the Goodrich brothers can truly appreciate the value of a full-body workout. (Gillette, who teaches Pilates and yoga, certainly does, too.) And while Gary says he also enjoys long-distance cycling, spin offers a high-octane burn that regular biking usually can’t.

“Unless you’re really racing, when you go on long bike rides, you barely break a sweat. But in one of our 50-minute-long classes, we kick it up a notch and there’s not a second where you’re not moving,” said Gary.

Spinners not only burn more fat and calories, they also don’t have to wait for bad weather to clear up and can get into the groove with their classmates.

“In the classes we have music and great instructors and you get caught up, you push yourself a little harder.

“We don’t condone it, but there is this kind of competitive quality where you at least want to keep up,” admitted Gary. “When you know someone beside you is giving 110 percent, you want to give it 120.”

Despite the intensity of the workout, Gary says spinning is a non-impact exercise that won’t hurt your joints afterwards–he even has a 75-year-old client who “kills it” in class, and doesn’t feel any post-workout pain!

Gary also points out that unlike big box gyms that offer a host of classes a la carte, specialized studios like theirs offer customers the very best possible experience.

“At Rush Cycling, we feel like we’re a triple threat. We have the best, newest bikes; the best, hottest instructors; and now, the best and hottest location,” he added.

“I love the idea of Brunswick Center, where it’s all under one roof. You come in one day and you can do spin or Pilates, or combine them,” said Gary. “The fact that you can go to one place and get all your health, wellness and physical fitness needs met is brilliant.”

For more information, visit RushCycling.com.