You’re Going to Put That Where? Going Deep with Doody Free Girl!

-Jennifer Belcher


Is it going to smell?  What underwear do I wear? Is it going to feel like a torture device? These were just a few of the many questions I had before undergoing a colonics treatment with Doody Free Girl at the Brunswick Center a few weekends ago. Colonics is something that has always equally interested me and scared me. Having a feeling that there were many people out there who, like me, have a lot of questions about what it is and what it isn’t, I decided to take one for the Jersey City team and blog about my experience.  If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have….well, let’s be real….your poop sucked out of you, here’s my first hand (or should I say first bum) experience.

Before My Appointment:

The minute I scheduled my session with Jen Gonzalez, owner of Doody Free Girl, I knew I was in good hands.  She immediately emailed me a comprehensive informational document with everything I needed to know in order to have the best session possible and to help ease my fears.  In addition to providing information on pre-colonics diet recommendations, she also sent me some great information on probiotics and where to find them.  To help calm my own anxiety and to guarantee the best results possible, I was very careful to do a lot of research and follow Jen’s suggested pre-cleanse guidelines.  Having suffered from chronic IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) since2003, I was eager to spend a week eating the recommended mostly vegan diet.

For the five days prior to my appointment, in addition to cutting out meat and dairy, I also cut out gluten because it has historically been hard on my stomach. By the time Saturday rolled around, I already felt a million times better, having forced myself to eliminate all the foods that irritate my stomach. Each day leading up to my appointment, I engaged in a little bit of research on the pros and cons of colonics treatments. The reviews I read seemed to be split down the line: proponents who receive treatments raved about the benefits and doctors warned against it, citing perforations and future bowel movement issues. Luckily there were so many positive reviews, especially from those with IBS, that I didn’t let it bother me or dissuade me from going to my appointment. Instead, I made note of some of the concerns to ask Jen during my session and continued my preparations.

During My Appointment:

The day of my appointment I had a morning coffee and smoothie, knowing I needed to fast three hours prior to the appointment.  I arrived in some comfy sweats, feeling informed yet very nervous about what was to come. However, Jen’s warm smile and calming disposition immediately put me at ease. She was so chill about everything, which made me realize that it wasn’t that big of a deal since it’s something that she does multiple times a day for many clients.

Jen Gonzalez is a certified Colon Hydrotherapist in Jersey City.

I’ve walked by Doody Free Girl’s space on the third floor of the Brunswick Center multiple times a week for over two years and always assumed that the space where you get it all done was some dark, smelly closet.  When she walked me back into the “cleansing space” I was in awe at how open, bright, and big the area was. Oh, and it also didn’t smell at all, in case you were wondering. To start off my appointment, I went to the bathroom located in the back, took off my bottoms, and draped myself with the cotton smock that you see at many doctors’ offices. As I climbed on the medical table and waited for Jen to emerge, I started to sweat and worry about any potential pain that was about to ensue. Jen talked me through the process and told me what I would expect before beginning the treatment. Using a diagram of the intestines, she walked me through my insides and what exactly was going to happen. It was so evident that she was an expert in her field. Much to my surprise, the initial “starting” of everything didn’t hurt at all.  It was over with one deep breath and we were well on our way to cleaning everything out.

Jen used this poster in her space to explain to me exactly how the process would work.

While it was NOT painful, it wasn’t exactly like getting a massage either. Despite not hurting, there were two things that were slightly uncomfortable: occasional mild cramping (which she told me to expect) and the sensation of pooping everywhere, even though I wasn’t.  During the appointment, Jen and I engaged in casual conversation about work, life, and health.  A process that I thought would be incredibly awkward was actually quite fun and comfortable because of her overall Zen and relaxed vibe. While things were being flushed out, I was also able to ask her for clarification around some of the concerns around colonics that had resulted from my research. Her knowledge and expertise around the subject matter and popular areas of concern helped me to understand that those medical issues were not anything to worry about.

PHOTOGRAPHY AND CONCEPT: YLVA EREVALL (We can pretend that model’s bum is me during my session).

After the ebbing and flowing of water from my gravity colonics, some off and on cramping, and great conversation, my procedure was over.  I scurried to the bathroom where I was instructed to stay for 15-20 minutes to let everything finish. Overall, the whole session went quickly and seamlessly, and I was surprised when she said it was over.

After my Appointment:

In all my research about colonics treatments, I had read about how light you feel after the session.  I was surprised at just how accurate this was. I felt amazing. The deep down “rock inside my stomach” sensation and IBS symptoms that I pretty much feel 24/7 were completely gone.  I couldn’t even remember the last time my stomach had felt free of gas, bloating, etc. Following Jen’s recommendations, I refrained from eating for a few hours and then had a green smoothie and lots of water.  I knew it was important for me to go easy on my digestive system for the next day or two. Having made no plans, I was able to sit on the couch, stream some movies, and relax.  I did experience mild cramping for the rest of the evening, but Jen had told me that this might happen.

Funny enough, for some reason I was paranoid that I was going to walk around pooping everywhere, and I spent two days walking around squeezing my butt.  FYI- nothing of the sort happened. For the next few days, I continued to feel lighter than ever and had no stomach or bathroom issues. Wanting to get the most out of my appointment, I continued to eat gluten and dairy free and felt amazingly well.  It wasn’t until I started to add certain trigger foods back into my diet that those symptoms began to return. Even though the colonics appointment didn’t cure my stomach woes (which I didn’t expect it to) it did help me develop some mindfulness around how good I could feel with proper nutrition and a cleaned-out system.  Most importantly, the procedure allowed for a great reset with my eating habits and cravings. Bonus: for the last two weeks my skin has been glowing and blemish free!

Would I do it Again?

Definitely!…although only with Jen.  It’s not the most comfortable and relaxing experience and after having such a positive session with her, I can only imagine how bad it could go with someone who wasn’t so pleasant, experienced, and professional.  Two weeks later and my IBS symptoms continue to be mild, only flaring when I eat foods I shouldn’t. Because I think you should plan for a full day off where you can control your food and relax if you have the mild cramping, it’s not something I would do too frequently, but it is something that I will incorporate multiple times a year to help with my tummy turmoil and overall health. 

Key Takeaways:

– Just like with any other procedure, it is important to consult your physician first.

-Colonics isn’t for everyone.  While a fantastic approach to health, I know many of my friends wouldn’t be able to hang with the situation.

-Pre and post diet are essential to successful results.

-The person administering your treatment is a vital part of the experience. Choose wisely.

-Timing is key: you really need to set aside a full day without major plansso you can rest and have full control over what you’re eating.

-The procedure is an overall exercise in mindfulness, allowing you the opportunity to feel how light and balanced your gut can feel.

Photo courtesy of Jen Gonzalez

Doody Free Girl is located on the third floor of the Brunswick Center in JerseyCity.  It is owned and operated by Jen Gonzalez, a certified colon hydrotherapist and a certified nutrition consultant and holistic counselor.  For more information please visit, email, or call 201-565-3447.