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5 Contracts in 4 weeks at – Schedule your Tour before it’s too late – Only one 3 Bedroom Left –

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Fulop: Jersey City a beacon of hope despite anti-immigrant rhetoric elsewhere | Opinion | The Star-Ledger

“Here in Jersey City, we are proud of our values and sense of community.”
-Steven Fulop

While anti-immigrant and anti-refugee rhetoric has become more common in recent months, as a Jersey City resident, I hope you are proud to live in a place that has shown tremendous character and acceptance and a proven a dedication to the values that make this city unique.

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Kitchen Hoods – The right way |

Did you know that all the kitchen hoods at Manelli ( are vented to the outside (most kitchen hoods only use a circulating charcoal filter vs venting to the outside). Was it harder to do? Yes, but it was the right thing to do. 12X 2&3 Bedroom condos for sale with parking in Downtown JC

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Door numbers are being installed at – Moss and Chrome make a great combination – Thank you Flowerbox Wall Gardens

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