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Prioritizing Safe Building Practices

Apparently 8 years ago today, we had started our 1st project at 357 3rd st. in Jersey City. Luckily we found better sub contractors who understand safety today. The project was finally CO-ed in 2012. Let’s just say this picture gives our team chills and goosebumps and the same time. Cheers to them


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Feature: Body, Soul and Pole at The Brunswick Center

Achieve fitness goals, empowered with self-confidence and better body awareness through the use of pole and aerial dance techniques:

Body, Soul and Pole

For many women (and men), the concept of pole fitness as workout can often be as intimidating as it is intriguing — but not for Alexis Romano, who says it is an uplifting experience, in more ways than one. 

The Body, Soul and Pole founder says when she was first gave it a try, she felt like she was reuniting with an old love.

“I’ve always had a love for all types of dance,” says Romano, who was a modern dancer in college. “When I was introduced to pole fitness and took some classes and watched performances, it felt like home for me. For me, this is just a different form of dance. It brought me back to why I loved it so much.”

Romano says that most people come in with no pole experience — and some with no general workout or dance experience at all — and end up realizing their body can do way more than they thought it could.

“I myself was intimidated by pole, lyra hoop and silks but once I built the strength and felt empowered by all, it changed for me and so many other women I’ve watched,” she says, “People lose themselves in the class and fully embrace it. This is not your typical go-to-the-gym, lift-weights kind of thing. It uses more than your body — it’s a mind, body and soul connection.” (Hence her studio’s name.)

…most people come in with no pole experience — and some with no general workout or dance experience at all — and end up realizing their body can do way more than they thought it could.

The Downtown JC resident says Body, Soul and Pole offers pole workouts for all levels, both in groups and private sessions. They will also offer aerial lyra (hoop) and aerial silks classes.

All of these workouts, Romano says, help to build lean muscle, improve flexibility, get your heart rate going and can aid with weight loss.

“The whole thing is challenging and you’re using a lot of strength, but I think what is so empowering is that one week you’ll think you’ll never be able to do a certain move and then all of sudden, the next week, you do it and you think, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I just did that!’ Sooner than later, it even becomes muscle memory. It shows you that you can progress in something you can initially feel intimidated by.”

Romano adds that she is proud to be the part of the Brunswick Center fitness family. “I love that instead of competition, you see collaboration here,” she said. “It really feels like a community.”

“The best is yet to come!”

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Air Conditioners for Cordero!

Please consider helping the Rafael De J Cordero School of Jersey City raise funds for air conditioning in their school. Our children deserve to study in a more comfortable learning environment!


Cordero PTP is raising money to buy air conditioners for the school. The PTP will buy the units and the district will install them. If your company…

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2018’s Most Diverse Cities in the U.S. | WalletHub®

Jersey City Ranked #1 most diverse city in the US –

2018’s Most Diverse Cities in the U.S. May 3, 2018 | Adam McCann, Financial Writer America is undergoing an extreme makeover, thanks to rapid demographic diversification. By 2050, you won’t even…

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