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Play Day for FRIENDS & FAMILY of The Brunswick School at Hudson Play


Are you looking for an exciting afternoon this Sunday? Are you looking for some friendly competition? Look no further!

BGT Enterprises is hosting FREE PLAY at Hudson Play on Sunday, October 9th from 9AM-6PM!

Please present this flyer upon entry.


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Feature: Jersey City Ballet, at The Brunswick Center

With a pre-dance program for kids ages 3 to 6, ballet classes starting at age 7 and adult classes for curious beginners; for former dancers returning to the art or professionals honing their skills:

Jersey City Ballet


Since she was a child, Judith Elins, Director of Jersey City Ballet, has been dancing “literally nonstop,” starting out at local dance studios in Irvington and Union, N.J., and eventually making her way to New York City. There, she worked with teachers and instructors who inspired her to pursue a career in dance.

“When I’m dancing, it’s the one time my mind is completely and I just get immersed in the whole process,” said Elins. “I love music and movement. When you’re dancing, that’s all you’re thinking about for that moment, and it’s a great feeling.”

Now, Elins is helping others free their minds and dance nonstop — or rather, learn nonstop.

At Jersey City Ballet, Elins and four other teaching artists work with dancers of all ages to provide them with ongoing dance education.

“This is not a place where you walk in, we say, ‘This is your recital dance,’ and you work on it all year and then come back to work on another dance,” explained Elins. “There’s value in that for sure, but this is a place where people can come in and out, take classes and learn. Whether a child just wants to audition for a college program or be involved in community theater, or wants to become a professional, we give you the tools to get to that level.”

They start ’em young, with a pre-dance program for kids ages 3 to 6, and ballet classes starting at age 7. In the double-digits? No problem. Jersey City Ballet also offers adult classes for curious beginners, former dancers returning to the art form or for professionals looking to improve their skills.

Eventually, Elins hopes for her students and other established dancers to form a ballet company and the Jersey City Ballet Theater, which she envisions bringing JC national recognition for its art scene.

“When I first moved here, I didn’t see many families or a huge artist community but I’ve watched it grow in the past 13 years,” said Elins, who lives in the Hamilton Park neighborhood, just a stone’s throw away from Brunswick Center.

Whether a child just wants to audition for a college program or be involved in community theater, or wants to become a professional, Jersey City Ballet gives you the tools to get to that level.

Dance — or rather: Learn nonstop

“Families are staying and putting down roots here and in the neighborhood there’s a big sense of community, and a lot of great programs in the area,” she said. “We don’t have to travel to Manhattan for quality arts education.”

Being part of a micro-community at the Brunswick Center, she added, makes Jersey City Ballet even stronger.

“I like the energy of being up here with all these different businesses,” said Elins. “I’m very much a collaborator so I love that there are other people to talk to and share ideas with.”


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CAREER DAY at The Brunswick School

The Brunswick School is hosting a CAREER DAY on Wednesday, September 14, from 9AM-5PM. We are currently hiring part-time assistant teachers (must have 7AM-7PM flexibility), full-time infant teachers and full-time head, certified teachers. Think you have what it takes to join our team? We look forward to meeting you! Drop in during 9AM-5PM, with a resume, and your interview can lead to an amazing future in education!

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Feature: IronPlate Studios, at The Brunswick Center

Strength and personal training, weight loss, physique transformation, sports nutrition, medical nutrition therapy and meal planning — all in a private and motivating setting:

IronPlate Studios


As the owner of IronPlate Studios, a fitness and nutrition studio with locations in Jersey City’s Brunswick Center and in Hoboken, Kristin Reisinger says many people assume she’s always been super fit. Growing up, however, Reisinger says she wasn’t happy with her body.

“In my teens and 20s, I was never skinny,” she said. “It wasn’t until I met a pro bodybuilder who turned me on to competing that I learned about training and nutrition’s integral roles in changing the shape of our bodies. 

”It increased my confidence, made me feel empowered and made me feel better overall with everything I did on a daily basis, even in my interpersonal relationships. It leaks into all facets of life.”

She shed the pounds and competed in NPC Figure competitions and was eventually so intrigued by fitness and health that she left her career in the music industry to become a personal trainer and registered dietician. In the 17 years since, Reisinger says she’s helped many others transform their own bodies and lives.

When demand grew too high for her private training sessions, Reisinger opened a studio at the Monroe Center for the Arts in Hoboken. Eventually, she outgrew that, too, hiring three other personal trainers including her right-hand woman Caitlin Harrington. And now, Reisinger has her sights set on JC.

On their first visit to IronPlate Studios, clients get a tour of the fitness center and undergo an assessment so the training staff can make them a personalized training and nutrition plan. One-on-one training sessions are available, as are small group sessions. Nutritional consultations also come a la carte.

This isn’t a place that throws diet drinks or products at the problem, Reisinger says, but a program that helps people make the right life choices for them.

”We talk with each client about their goals and make a plan for them. It’s different for everybody–the frequency that they come in, how much they need to work outside the studio and whether they need nutritional guidance,” said Reisinger.

At IronPlate Studios, we believe that training and nutrition TOGETHER are the key to your health and fitness. If you fuel your body properly and train smart, you can be the best version of YOU there is. And we believe you can do this simply without gimmicks, fad diets and ineffective, unsustainable cleanses.

Eat Clean, Train Hard. There is no magic bullet.

IronPlate specializes in bridal, pre- and post-natal fitness and also helps clients of all ages with various weight or health problems.

“Everyone who comes in usually has some kind of issue whether its knee problems due to weight or they might be on blood pressure medication like one of my clients who was only in his late 30s but weighed about 240,” she said. “He’s probably about 180 now after one-and-a-half years and his doctors are thinking of taking him off the medication.

”We want our clients to do well with weight loss and other things like their confidence and health,” she added. 

”We make an impact–we help people learn to exercise properly and make better choices with their diets. We want them to feel like their best selves. We want to help people learn to take care of themselves in a healthful way.”

“The longtime Jersey City resident says she’s also excited to be part of the fitness community at the Brunswick Center.

” I was looking at another location but when I heard about what was going on here, I signed the lease in two days,” she said. “I love Jersey City and I’m pretty emotionally attached to it. I think what we’re doing here is a great thing.”


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Madame Claude Bis Reopens in Newly Revitalized White Eagle Hall | Jersey Digs

A Village staple since 2002, Madame Claude has made a name for itself by bringing delicious French cuisine and a casual, cozy atmosphere to the neighborhood. The French cafe is now reopened in the newly revitalized, historic White Eagle Hall, restored by Ben LoPiccolo Development Group, LLC (BLDG).

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Congratulations! Fourth Street Arts announcing new location at Cathedral Hall

OPENING 9/9/16
In October of 2013 – 4th Street Arts called a wrap on our signature event the 4th Street Art & Music Festival. After ten wonderful years the event had run it’s course and it was time to move on. On that day we posted that it was “time to go away and dream it all up again.”

Today, June 24th 2016 – We are so proud to announce the creation of “CATHEDRAL HALL” our new, not for profit, venue space and our new dream, soon to be reality.
We have received the most amazing opportunity of taking over the building once known as St Bridget’s Church located at the corner of Montgomery & Brunswick.
We are currently booking the magnificent 20,000 square foot event space for September and October. Slated to open on JC Fridays on September 9th.

Contact for inquiries about viewing the space and booking.

This project is made possible through the generosity of BGT Enterprises. We cannot express enough gratitude to Ben Torrei for his contribution to the support of the Arts in Downtown Jersey City.

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Boomtown: The Rise of Jersey City

Jersey City’s resurgence delights some, but worries others. We take a tour with Steven Fulop, a mayor committed to keeping his city gritty.

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This Saturday–help us celebrate Turning 1! | The Brunswick School in Downtown Jersey City


This Saturday, 10AM-12PM–help us celebrate turning 1!

Join us this Saturday for a carnival-themed celebration. Fun outdoor activities will include mini carnival games, face painting, arts and crafts, music entertainment, and more!

RSVP here:…/1SsRj9soOX0_n2Q884GwH5FK…/viewform

Note: In case of inclement weather, our rain date and time for this event will be Sunday, June 26, 10:00AM-12:00PM

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The Nora. | BGT Enterprises

The Nora. The hottest 3BD new construction duplexes to hit the market in Jersey City. We dare to say EVER.!377-5thst/udlox

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June 14: Jersey City Candle Light Vigil for the Orlando LGBT Community

Spread the word

SPREAD THE WORD. Tuesday Evening 8PM in Jersey City. We will host a candle light vigil in solidarity for our LGBT sisters and brothers that lost their lives in Orlando. To mourn the victims and to speak out against anti-LGBT hate speech and violence– homegrown and from around the world that threaten all of our safety- everywhere.

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